By Gordana Biernat.

Words are symbols of an illusion. When I speak I feel the limiting aspect of my words. Every word and every DEFINITION is a separation from ONE. Good or bad is a perspective. Light or dark is a game. There is no separation between my conscious self and my subconscious self. They are ONE. Past and future are off the point since the only “point” where I am is NOW. Past and future is NOW.

I try to free my sentences from the bondage of illusion by enclosing infinite eternity into a circle of words:

ALL is ONE. One is All That Is. I am ONE.

And yet, I am my SELF. I am ONE consciousness existing ONE moment at a time, experiencing ONE of the infinite facets of oneness DEFINED as ME.

Am I a symbol of an illusion? Am I a word, a sound, a thought of ALL the possible ONES? What am I?

The circle closes in my mind.

I am ONE. One is All That Is. ALL is ONE.

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All That Is