How to start shaping your Reality consciously

By Gordana Biernat.

Since we are constantly creating our own reality, the least we can do is start being observant of what we are creating. You can not perceive something you do not believe.

So, for a starter we need to examine our beliefs about our Reality and ourselves and we have to change the “truths” that are not working for us. You can start NOW by asking questions; Why..? Is it really so..? How come..? What if..? to the most basic things in your life and see what happens.

Question your “truths” about ageing, work, relations, money, body, and yourself and Reality will change accordingly. After all, they are just beliefs. You can change them anytime you want. Since you are a perfect reflection of what you believe, your Reality will mirror that.

It’s simple!

All we have to do is stop being afraid our own power and of change. So start examining your beliefs. Keep the good ones and get rid of the rest!

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Your approval

You are The Imaginer

by Gordana Biernat.

What if your life, as you imagine it, was limited by fictional boundaries in your mind, blocking you from truly becoming the best you?

What if, all you imagine to be true about yourself and your reality turned out to be borrowed, duplicated or mimicked information acquired and accepted subconsciously over time by you?

What if you, unknowingly, have assembled bits of beliefs here and there on your journey through life accepting them at face value just because they were presented to you by someone you, at the time, thought to be trustworthy and reliable?

Knowing this, would you be willing to challenge your beliefs and change the image of you?

All your beliefs about yourself and your self-worth reside in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains the things you think about yourself when you are alone and the things you believe and ”know” about who you imagine you are. Your subconscious belief system might seem like your own creation, it might feel like a very private matter, but, in fact most of the things you believe about yourself and your reality are not really created by you. Most of your responses, attitudes and behaviors are preprogrammed by society, school, parents, peers, books, TV and other media. As a rule people tend to mirror the programs presented to them unconditionally just to blend in and to avoid the pain of being different.

Know this; every event, incident or thing that happens in your life is by origin neutral. You define it into existence by giving it meaning. It is your definition of the circumstances that colours the experience and gives it a positive or negative charge.

This is exactly why you need to re-examine your beliefs. You are the Definer of your own Reality-Experience which means that your beliefs are very flexible. Some of them are true and accurate but most of them need reshaping so they fit in to your future reality.

Start by asking questions; Why..? Is it really so..? How come..? What if..? to the most basic things in your life and see what happens. Re-Define and Re-Imagine! It is truly a liberating process because it will help you transform limitations into freedom.

We are what we believe we are, and the creation of reality, the materialization of things in that reality – the law of attraction – works through the ”bondage” to that formula. Your beliefs are the fuel in your ”Reality-Making-Machine”.

If you want change to occur in your life you must start by changing your beliefs about yourself and your reality. Your life is fashioned in the image of you, and you are The Imaginer.

Imagine how wonderful you are!

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All is One. One is All That Is. I am One

By Gordana Biernat.

Words are symbols of an illusion. When I speak I feel the limiting aspect of my words. Every word and every DEFINITION is a separation from ONE. Good or bad is a perspective. Light or dark is a game. There is no separation between my conscious self and my subconscious self. They are ONE. Past and future are off the point since the only “point” where I am is NOW. Past and future is NOW.

I try to free my sentences from the bondage of illusion by enclosing infinite eternity into a circle of words:

ALL is ONE. One is All That Is. I am ONE.

And yet, I am my SELF. I am ONE consciousness existing ONE moment at a time, experiencing ONE of the infinite facets of oneness DEFINED as ME.

Am I a symbol of an illusion? Am I a word, a sound, a thought of ALL the possible ONES? What am I?

The circle closes in my mind.

I am ONE. One is All That Is. ALL is ONE.

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All That Is

The Universe is Your partner in Creation

By Gordana Biernat.

“And then the day came,

when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful

than the risk it took to Blossom”

Anaïs Nin (French-american poet, 1903-1977)

Sometimes we choose to stay in a situation just because it feels more familiar than to open up to something new. We feel safer staying in “the known” even if it might be bad, than exposing ourselves to “the unknown” even if it might bring us joy. Why are we so reluctant to change and often afraid of the new when our natural state of being is seeking joy, trusting everything “the unknown” holds for us?

As children we couldn’t resist the funny rush of surprise when trying new things, because we knew intuitively that we are here for the joy of exploring physical reality by collecting moments of exiting new experiences. But growing up, we gradually somehow became “Consumers-Of-Things” forgetting our original Soul purpose as “Collectors-Of-Experiences”. We want to explore new things but we don’t want to experience the uncertainty of change.

So, how do you explore something without being willing to change yourself with the experience? The answer is that if you don’t explore, you don’t expand and you don’t evolve. You simply exist. Habitually.

Nature does not avoid change. It embraces and allows transformation because nature works in unison with the Universe and the divine law of change, rebirth, renewal, revival and new beginnings. Everything simply flows perfectly choreographed in an intricate dance of speed and calmness, light and dark, life and death. Breathing in…trust. Breathing out…patience. Breathing in…out. In…and…out.

Like waves on a shore, in infinity, nature “knows” that change is an entangled part of being. That every now moment holds the element of change. Take for instance the symbol of yin and yang. It is the expression of perfect harmony, and yet it contains the aspect of change and chaos. Have you noticed the small white and black dots in its perfectly balanced pattern? They are important reminders of life’s transitory qualities, of the simple truth that all things eventually change. You cannot breathe in without breathing out. If you hold your breath too long it becomes painful and you must release the pressure by breathing out. Letting it go. Allowing the new.

Here is an esoteric truth – The only constant in our reality is change because everything else is in constant change. Nothing in the physical reality stays the same. Resisting this fundamental force is meaningless because the resistance itself will change you, moulding you into someone you do not want to be. Allan Watts said: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

What seems to hold us back from “joining the dance” is the fear of not knowing how to move in the “right” way and of “dancing to the wrong music”. So we hesitate and we fear change. And it is a painful fear because it comes from a persistent doubt in our Reality. Our perception of the world around us is rooted in conditioned beliefs that we live in a cold and harsh Universe. A Universe that presents us with a solid reality in which we are supposed to exist under already created circumstances and where our lives have little or no significance at all. It is a world view making us believe that there is a subjective, lonely “inside”, without any power to influence or change, looking out on an objective, all powerful mechanistic and fixed “outside”.

Here is an alternative thought – Leading edge science along with ancient knowledge tells us that there are no “real” boundaries between things, between “inside” and “outside”. Everything is connected and it needs an observer to exist. So, welcome to a reality where you are in a creative relationship with everything “around” you. You are in a creative relationship with the Universe. Actually, the Universe is your partner in creation. You are the Observer. The ever-changing Universe is the abundant Provider, patiently waiting to joyously expand in your desires, wishes and thoughts.

As Anaïs Nin so eloquently put in the poem above, every flower is pushed into bloom by forces much stronger than fear, doubt or worry. The life force behind this opening “act” is a desire within all living beings to become more than you are, to expand yourself beyond all limitations in search for more experiences. When you open up, you face more light, you embrace more air, you evolve and you change. The flower knows that it is the only way to grow. Actually, it knows that it is the only way to live. As do you.

Face the sun. Let it remind you who you are.

Take pleasure in breathing. Allow the flow of change through YOU and enjoy the surprise.

The Universe is your partner in Creation.

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Door 02

The Gardener

By Gordana Biernat.

What you conceive and believe is what you receive.

When you put an apple-seed in the ground you expect an apple tree to grow, don’t you? You not only expect it, you know it will grow. It is so because nature follows the divine law without questioning it. That is why ”what is sowed is received”. Growing up we seem to forget that our thoughts are just like the seeds in nature and that our thoughts are ”things” in creation. The laws that conduct nature are identical to the laws that govern thought. Every thought is like a seed that manifests in our reality. Every single one. If you had a garden would you not be careful of what seeds you put in the soil? Would you not plan in forehand what trees and plants you want to grow in your garden?

You would not plant stinging nettles and poison ivy, would you? Well, we are subconsciously and consciously planting stinging and poisonous thoughts every day in our minds. Instead of planning our "garden" by visualising and imagining our desires, wishes and dreams, we let false suggestions from the ”outside-world” decide what we are going to occupy our mind with. We let others tell us what to worry about, be afraid of, feel lack from, cry over and stress about. And, we allow the wrong seeds take root and vegetate while we water them with more fear and worry. Remember that what you focus your mind on grows, so think about what kind of reality you are habitually cultivating in your “garden”.

Actually it isn’t at all strange that we feel victimised and out of control in our lives, because that is exactly what we ignorantly agree upon when we let others plan and design our ”garden”. By choosing to see our reality through the lens of mass media, politics and corporative economic thinking we have given up our indigenous and natural power to decide what kind of experiences we want to fill our lives with. We allow negative sources from the outside define our inner world.

We are made in the image of a creative God which makes us creative creators. Since we are constantly creating our own reality, the least we can do is start being observant of what we are creating.

Is your “garden” a creative, inviting ever-changing field or is it just a habitually repetitive place? Are you kind to yourself? Can you relax in your "garden"? Is your "garden" a beautiful, luscious oasis? Do you have time to enjoy your “garden”? How is love expressed in your “garden”? What kind of games are being played in your “garden”?

You are the master of your thoughts, so be careful of what you allow in to your mind because you believe everything you say to yourself. You are the one choosing what you think about and project into your reality. You are the one deciding what kind of reality you want to grow in your “garden”. Is it going to be your fears and worries or your desires and passions?

You are here to explore the beauty of being a creative human being.

You are here to explore your desires and joys. You are here to breathe and grow in your “garden”. By being consciously aware of your power to choose what you want to create you can make this “garden” your own Eden.

You are The Gardener, so plant your ”thought-seeds” consciously!

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The Gardener

Choose love and see the magic

By Gordana Biernat.

We live in a world of magic. Thoughts turn into matter, infinity unfolds as space and eternity flows into time while I write these words. When I was a child I could "see" this enchanted "machinery" behind the real world. To me, the bright stars in the heaven and the bright stars in the imagination of my mind were made of the same "stuff". I knew that The Universe and I were one and that The Universe was my partner in creation. All I had to do was ask and The Universe would provide. Unconditionally. So, I learned to craft my questions carefully.

Since I chose to be born to parents, who due to their own scarce childhood did not know how to express genuine love, my inner conversations with The Universe were often about love - "What is love?", "Where does love come from?" and "How can I get more of it?". Sometimes when meeting a friendly stray cat on the street or when hugging my cuddly teddy bear in bed I could sense the funny paradox of love; "the more you give the more you have". But I also knew all too well, by emotionally painful experience, that "you cannot give what you do not have".

During my countless silent conversations with The Universe I have come to understand that love is ONE with no equals. Nothing else in our reality has the same "properties" as love. There is a peculiar difference between love and all other negative, dark emotions as fear or hate. Not just the usual obvious difference but a more profound and deep one.

I have always been fascinated by a line from the movie "Ghost" which I think describes the true nature of our source but also why love is sacred and everything else is secondary. When passing away, Sam's spirit turns to Molly and says:

"It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you."

What he is saying in the moment of death is that all you truly "own" is your self. Everything else is "borrowed" in the reality of time and space. And since your core is unconditional love, then love is all you can "take with you" when you return to your source. In that sense love is all that is real and everything else is just a persistent illusion in time and space.

Let me put it another way. No infant knows how to hate. That is something we learn while growing up. Genuine love is un-conditional, whereas negative emotions such as hate requires specific conditions to exist. Hate must be preceded with an action or a thought. One thought follows another, creating the notion of time which means that hate needs time to exist. And since hate is an excluding frequency meaning that it separates and "pushes" things away it also needs space. So, beyond the "reality" of time and space there is no "situation" and no "room" for hate to dwell in. Love on the other hand is instant, "embracing" and all-including. It does not have to be preceded by anything. It simply is. Always available in the NOW. For the joy of being.

Love is the base ingredient in the fabric of The Universe working with infinite precision and patience.

Like mathematics and geometry, love is a universal "language" understood by all of us. There is a saying that "love is blind". But, the way I see it love is not blind it is just a higher frequency, transforming everything when felt in that vibration. Love not only transforms you from within, it transforms everything you focus your mind on from without. It creates an atmosphere where even the "darkness" is included, allowed and transformed in the compassionate, warm light of love.

Love is sacred. It is the frequency of your soul. When you seek for answers within, you are communicating with The Universe. You are connecting to pure love and truth because that is what your source is "made of". That is the essence of who you truly are. When you are aligned to that source, no thought can be based in fear or hate because you know love from its purest form - your self.

Today I share unconditional love in abundance with my husband and my son.  Because you see, The Universe is always listening. And providing. Unconditionally.

You are the infinite source of love. Your free will to always choose love is a treasure giving you endless opportunities to transform everything you focus your attention on.

Choose love and see the magic behind the real world.

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The ”presents” in the Present

By Gordana Biernat.

We are the creators of time and space. We literally think them into existence because without an observer there can be no Past, no Present and no Future.

Where is the Past stored and where does the Future come from? Since the Past only exists in our memory and the Future is created in our imagination, the answer must be; in our minds.

We tend, in our minds, to perceive the Present as a result of the Past because of the continuity-illusion in our reality-experience. We think that the Past is unchangeable as if it is ”written in stone” and the Future is unpredictable and etheric, totally out of our control. Thus we go around in the Present feeling guilt about the Past while at the same time being anxious about the Future…

If you think about it; it really does not matter what you have been doing in the Past or what you plan to do in the Future. All that really matters is what you are doing in the NOW. Every ”Now-moment” is an opportunity to change not only the Future but also the Past.

You might not be aware of this, but you can use your past memories as effective adjustment-tools in the Present. By changing the information stored in your memory you can alter your perception of yourself in your Future.

Let me give you an example.

A long time ago in a remote memory of mine lived a little girl. Insignificant to her father and unwanted by her mother this little girl was silently aware of her ”outsiderness”. One day, in this remote memory of mine, when she was just four years old it was decided that the family would go on a day trip to a cave nearby. The little girl was excited, but as it turned out her mother decided that ”there wasn’t enough room for the little girl in the car” and that she ”should stay at home” with her aunt.

I’m very small”, the little girl thought to herself. ”There must be room enough for me…  Somewhere… ”. When her family had left, she sat down by the roadside with her aunt and decided right then and there, in this remote memory of mine, that she was going to see the cave anyway! So, she started putting pebbles and stones together on top of each other forming them into a very small hollow mould. When she was done she turned to her aunt and said; ”Welcome to my cave!”

To others, this might seem as a negligible incident, but to me it was a fractal of a pattern in my childhood. It was an uncomfortable and sad memory which reminded me of being set aside by my mother and it was profound because it defined me in my Present as unwanted. But when I made a choice in the Present to look at the memory from a different angle, as a mature spectator, what I saw was not a pitiable unwanted little girl but a strong and determined soul. The ”present” in the Present for me was that this creative and smart girl is who I really am and always have been.

Every memory has a feeling attached to it. When you twist the perspective from which you experience your memory, it gives you a slightly different but equally true memory that can be beneficial for the construction of your Future.

Look at your memory from a different perspective and the feeling changes – the Present changes the Past. With the retrieved and updated information from your ”old” memories you can re-create yourself into the “YOU” you prefer to be and you can shift into a reality which you choose.

Contemplate this: The Past is re-created in the Present every time you re-visit a memory.

You give your Past and your memories meaning. They are yours to play with and explore. Since the Present is not the result of the Past you can freely decide what is useful for you in your memories and what is not. Find the good stuff, keep it and let go of the rest.

Every new NOW-moment is full of opportunities and possibilities to recreate yourself. Be in the Present because that is the only moment in which anything new or old can be created.

All you have to do is see the ”presents” in the Present.