By Gordana Biernat.

We live in a world of magic. Thoughts turn into matter, infinity unfolds as space and eternity flows into time while I write these words. When I was a child I could “see” this enchanted “machinery” behind the real world. To me, the bright stars in the heaven and the bright stars in the imagination of my mind were made of the same “stuff”. I knew that The Universe and I were one and that The Universe was my partner in creation. All I had to do was ask and The Universe would provide. Unconditionally. So, I learned to craft my questions carefully.

Since I chose to be born to parents, who due to their own scarce childhood did not know how to express genuine love, my inner conversations with The Universe were often about love – “What is love?“, “Where does love come from?” and “How can I get more of it?“. Sometimes when meeting a friendly stray cat on the street or when hugging my cuddly teddy bear in bed I could sense the funny paradox of love; “the more you give the more you have“. But I also knew all too well, by emotionally painful experience, that “you cannot give what you do not have“.

During my countless silent conversations with The Universe I have come to understand that love is ONE with no equals. Nothing else in our reality has the same “properties” as love. There is a peculiar difference between love and all other negative, dark emotions as fear or hate. Not just the usual obvious difference but a more profound and deep one.

I have always been fascinated by a line from the movie “Ghost” which I think describes the true nature of our source but also why love is sacred and everything else is secondary. When passing away, Sam’s spirit turns to Molly and says:

“It’s amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you.”

What he is saying in the moment of death is that all you truly “own” is your self. Everything else is “borrowed” in the reality of time and space. And since your core is unconditional love, then love is all you can “take with you” when you return to your source. In that sense love is all that is real and everything else is just a persistent illusion in time and space.

Let me put it another way. No infant knows how to hate. That is something we learn while growing up. Genuine love is un-conditional, whereas negative emotions such as hate requires specific conditions to exist. Hate must be preceded with an action or a thought. One thought follows another, creating the notion of time which means that hate needs time to exist. And since hate is an excluding frequency meaning that it separates and “pushes” things away it also needs space. So, beyond the “reality” of time and space there is no “situation” and no “room” for hate to dwell in. Love on the other hand is instant, “embracing” and all-including. It does not have to be preceded by anything. It simply is. Always available in the NOW. For the joy of being.

Love is the base ingredient in the fabric of The Universe working with infinite precision and patience.

Like mathematics and geometry, love is a universal “language” understood by all of us. There is a saying that “love is blind”. But, the way I see it love is not blind it is just a higher frequency, transforming everything when felt in that vibration. Love not only transforms you from within, it transforms everything you focus your mind on from without. It creates an atmosphere where even the “darkness” is included, allowed and transformed in the compassionate, warm light of love.

Love is sacred. It is the frequency of your soul. When you seek for answers within, you are communicating with The Universe. You are connecting to pure love and truth because that is what your source is “made of”. That is the essence of who you truly are. When you are aligned to that source, no thought can be based in fear or hate because you know love from its purest form – your self.

Today I share unconditional love in abundance with my husband and my son.  Because you see, The Universe is always listening. And providing. Unconditionally.

You are the infinite source of love. Your free will to always choose love is a treasure giving you endless opportunities to transform everything you focus your attention on.

Choose love and see the magic behind the real world.

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