By Gordana Biernat.

What you conceive and believe is what you receive.

When you put an apple-seed in the ground you expect an apple tree to grow, don’t you? You not only expect it, you know it will grow. It is so because nature follows the divine law without questioning it. That is why ”what is sowed is received”. Growing up we seem to forget that our thoughts are just like the seeds in nature and that our thoughts are ”things” in creation. The laws that conduct nature are identical to the laws that govern thought. Every thought is like a seed that manifests in our reality. Every single one. If you had a garden would you not be careful of what seeds you put in the soil? Would you not plan in forehand what trees and plants you want to grow in your garden?

You would not plant stinging nettles and poison ivy, would you? Well, we are subconsciously and consciously planting stinging and poisonous thoughts every day in our minds. Instead of planning our “garden” by visualising and imagining our desires, wishes and dreams, we let false suggestions from the ”outside-world” decide what we are going to occupy our mind with. We let others tell us what to worry about, be afraid of, feel lack from, cry over and stress about. And, we allow the wrong seeds take root and vegetate while we water them with more fear and worry. Remember that what you focus your mind on grows, so think about what kind of reality you are habitually cultivating in your “garden”.

Actually it isn’t at all strange that we feel victimised and out of control in our lives, because that is exactly what we ignorantly agree upon when we let others plan and design our ”garden”. By choosing to see our reality through the lens of mass media, politics and corporative economic thinking we have given up our indigenous and natural power to decide what kind of experiences we want to fill our lives with. We allow negative sources from the outside define our inner world.

We are made in the image of a creative God which makes us creative creators. Since we are constantly creating our own reality, the least we can do is start being observant of what we are creating.

Is your “garden” a creative, inviting ever-changing field or is it just a habitually repetitive place? Are you kind to yourself? Can you relax in your “garden”? Is your “garden” a beautiful, luscious oasis? Do you have time to enjoy your “garden”? How is love expressed in your “garden”? What kind of games are being played in your “garden”?

You are the master of your thoughts, so be careful of what you allow in to your mind because you believe everything you say to yourself. You are the one choosing what you think about and project into your reality. You are the one deciding what kind of reality you want to grow in your “garden”. Is it going to be your fears and worries or your desires and passions?

You are here to explore the beauty of being a creative human being.

You are here to explore your desires and joys. You are here to breathe and grow in your “garden”. By being consciously aware of your power to choose what you want to create you can make this “garden” your own Eden.

You are The Gardener, so plant your ”thought-seeds” consciously!

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The Gardener