By Gordana Biernat.

We are the creators of time and space. We literally think them into existence because without an observer there can be no Past, no Present and no Future.

Where is the Past stored and where does the Future come from? Since the Past only exists in our memory and the Future is created in our imagination, the answer must be; in our minds.

We tend, in our minds, to perceive the Present as a result of the Past because of the continuity-illusion in our reality-experience. We think that the Past is unchangeable as if it is ”written in stone” and the Future is unpredictable and etheric, totally out of our control. Thus we go around in the Present feeling guilt about the Past while at the same time being anxious about the Future…

If you think about it; it really does not matter what you have been doing in the Past or what you plan to do in the Future. All that really matters is what you are doing in the NOW. Every ”Now-moment” is an opportunity to change not only the Future but also the Past.

You might not be aware of this, but you can use your past memories as effective adjustment-tools in the Present. By changing the information stored in your memory you can alter your perception of yourself in your Future.

Let me give you an example.

A long time ago in a remote memory of mine lived a little girl. Insignificant to her father and unwanted by her mother this little girl was silently aware of her ”outsiderness”. One day, in this remote memory of mine, when she was just four years old it was decided that the family would go on a day trip to a cave nearby. The little girl was excited, but as it turned out her mother decided that ”there wasn’t enough room for the little girl in the car” and that she ”should stay at home” with her aunt.

I’m very small”, the little girl thought to herself. ”There must be room enough for me…  Somewhere… ”. When her family had left, she sat down by the roadside with her aunt and decided right then and there, in this remote memory of mine, that she was going to see the cave anyway! So, she started putting pebbles and stones together on top of each other forming them into a very small hollow mould. When she was done she turned to her aunt and said; ”Welcome to my cave!”

To others, this might seem as a negligible incident, but to me it was a fractal of a pattern in my childhood. It was an uncomfortable and sad memory which reminded me of being set aside by my mother and it was profound because it defined me in my Present as unwanted. But when I made a choice in the Present to look at the memory from a different angle, as a mature spectator, what I saw was not a pitiable unwanted little girl but a strong and determined soul. The ”present” in the Present for me was that this creative and smart girl is who I really am and always have been.

Every memory has a feeling attached to it. When you twist the perspective from which you experience your memory, it gives you a slightly different but equally true memory that can be beneficial for the construction of your Future.

Look at your memory from a different perspective and the feeling changes – the Present changes the Past. With the retrieved and updated information from your ”old” memories you can re-create yourself into the “YOU” you prefer to be and you can shift into a reality which you choose.

Contemplate this: The Past is re-created in the Present every time you re-visit a memory.

You give your Past and your memories meaning. They are yours to play with and explore. Since the Present is not the result of the Past you can freely decide what is useful for you in your memories and what is not. Find the good stuff, keep it and let go of the rest.

Every new NOW-moment is full of opportunities and possibilities to recreate yourself. Be in the Present because that is the only moment in which anything new or old can be created.

All you have to do is see the ”presents” in the Present.