By Gordana Biernat.

“And then the day came,

when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful

than the risk it took to Blossom”

Anaïs Nin (French-american poet, 1903-1977)

Sometimes we choose to stay in a situation just because it feels more familiar than to open up to something new. We feel safer staying in “the known” even if it might be bad, than exposing ourselves to “the unknown” even if it might bring us joy. Why are we so reluctant to change and often afraid of the new when our natural state of being is seeking joy, trusting everything “the unknown” holds for us?

As children we couldn’t resist the funny rush of surprise when trying new things, because we knew intuitively that we are here for the joy of exploring physical reality by collecting moments of exiting new experiences. But growing up, we gradually somehow became “Consumers-Of-Things” forgetting our original Soul purpose as “Collectors-Of-Experiences”. We want to explore new things but we don’t want to experience the uncertainty of change.

So, how do you explore something without being willing to change yourself with the experience? The answer is that if you don’t explore, you don’t expand and you don’t evolve. You simply exist. Habitually.

Nature does not avoid change. It embraces and allows transformation because nature works in unison with the Universe and the divine law of change, rebirth, renewal, revival and new beginnings. Everything simply flows perfectly choreographed in an intricate dance of speed and calmness, light and dark, life and death. Breathing in…trust. Breathing out…patience. Breathing in…out. In…and…out.

Like waves on a shore, in infinity, nature “knows” that change is an entangled part of being. That every now moment holds the element of change. Take for instance the symbol of yin and yang. It is the expression of perfect harmony, and yet it contains the aspect of change and chaos. Have you noticed the small white and black dots in its perfectly balanced pattern? They are important reminders of life’s transitory qualities, of the simple truth that all things eventually change. You cannot breathe in without breathing out. If you hold your breath too long it becomes painful and you must release the pressure by breathing out. Letting it go. Allowing the new.

Here is an esoteric truth – The only constant in our reality is change because everything else is in constant change. Nothing in the physical reality stays the same. Resisting this fundamental force is meaningless because the resistance itself will change you, moulding you into someone you do not want to be. Allan Watts said: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

What seems to hold us back from “joining the dance” is the fear of not knowing how to move in the “right” way and of “dancing to the wrong music”. So we hesitate and we fear change. And it is a painful fear because it comes from a persistent doubt in our Reality. Our perception of the world around us is rooted in conditioned beliefs that we live in a cold and harsh Universe. A Universe that presents us with a solid reality in which we are supposed to exist under already created circumstances and where our lives have little or no significance at all. It is a world view making us believe that there is a subjective, lonely “inside”, without any power to influence or change, looking out on an objective, all powerful mechanistic and fixed “outside”.

Here is an alternative thought – Leading edge science along with ancient knowledge tells us that there are no “real” boundaries between things, between “inside” and “outside”. Everything is connected and it needs an observer to exist. So, welcome to a reality where you are in a creative relationship with everything “around” you. You are in a creative relationship with the Universe. Actually, the Universe is your partner in creation. You are the Observer. The ever-changing Universe is the abundant Provider, patiently waiting to joyously expand in your desires, wishes and thoughts.

As Anaïs Nin so eloquently put in the poem above, every flower is pushed into bloom by forces much stronger than fear, doubt or worry. The life force behind this opening “act” is a desire within all living beings to become more than you are, to expand yourself beyond all limitations in search for more experiences. When you open up, you face more light, you embrace more air, you evolve and you change. The flower knows that it is the only way to grow. Actually, it knows that it is the only way to live. As do you.

Face the sun. Let it remind you who you are.

Take pleasure in breathing. Allow the flow of change through YOU and enjoy the surprise.

The Universe is your partner in Creation.

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