by Gordana Biernat.

What if your life, as you imagine it, was limited by fictional boundaries in your mind, blocking you from truly becoming the best you?

What if, all you imagine to be true about yourself and your reality turned out to be borrowed, duplicated or mimicked information acquired and accepted subconsciously over time by you?

What if you, unknowingly, have assembled bits of beliefs here and there on your journey through life accepting them at face value just because they were presented to you by someone you, at the time, thought to be trustworthy and reliable?

Knowing this, would you be willing to challenge your beliefs and change the image of you?

All your beliefs about yourself and your self-worth reside in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains the things you think about yourself when you are alone and the things you believe and ”know” about who you imagine you are. Your subconscious belief system might seem like your own creation, it might feel like a very private matter, but, in fact most of the things you believe about yourself and your reality are not really created by you. Most of your responses, attitudes and behaviors are preprogrammed by society, school, parents, peers, books, TV and other media. As a rule people tend to mirror the programs presented to them unconditionally just to blend in and to avoid the pain of being different.

Know this; every event, incident or thing that happens in your life is by origin neutral. You define it into existence by giving it meaning. It is your definition of the circumstances that colours the experience and gives it a positive or negative charge.

This is exactly why you need to re-examine your beliefs. You are the Definer of your own Reality-Experience which means that your beliefs are very flexible. Some of them are true and accurate but most of them need reshaping so they fit in to your future reality.

Start by asking questions; Why..? Is it really so..? How come..? What if..? to the most basic things in your life and see what happens. Re-Define and Re-Imagine! It is truly a liberating process because it will help you transform limitations into freedom.

We are what we believe we are, and the creation of reality, the materialization of things in that reality – the law of attraction – works through the ”bondage” to that formula. Your beliefs are the fuel in your ”Reality-Making-Machine”.

If you want change to occur in your life you must start by changing your beliefs about yourself and your reality. Your life is fashioned in the image of you, and you are The Imaginer.

Imagine how wonderful you are!

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